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Our brand

Inspired by Norway. Made by North Fish.

North Fish offers fish and seafood dishes to its guests. From the beginning, our restaurants strive to create fresh and prime quality dishes. Since 2019, with the help of carefully selected and proven suppliers, our qualified chefs do their best to bring food enjoyment to the people of Great Britain.

Our brand draws inspiration from Norway, a unique country where quality and excellence are valued. This is why, each day, when creating culinary ideas, we pay attention to every detail. To provide you with the perfect culinary experience, our restaurants work with proven suppliers. At North Fish we trust our suppliers because they have proven their reliability over many years.

North Fish has its roots in Poland, where we have been on the market since 2002. Currently, we operate 46 restaurants in Poland’s best shopping centres, which makes us undisputed leader in Poland and Europe’s second biggest chain of restaurants offering fish and seafood.

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Fish and seafood are our speciality

Soon you will find our restaurant in Birmingham

We have provided high-quality products in Europe since 2002

North Fish has its roots in Poland